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Uniquely U is your virtual "University" for discovering who you were created to be and will set you on a path toward becoming your best self. You can find tools for building resiliency during these challenging times, as well as opportunities to grow in areas of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. This is a safe space to connect with others who have walked a similar path, so that you can feel seen, heard and understood. Humans were meant to be in connection with one another and it is through shared knowledge and experiences that we form meaningful connections. You have the ability to share publicly or anonymously here and your voices will help this community to flourish!

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Vh4EOTXV5IMUleHQUa6Q7hrqjdqm52QRVkK5gVEx.pngEvery human being is created with a unique purpose and set of natural gifts that are meant to be shared. Our story is written before we even take our first breath. Although challenging, it is up to us to figure out what that purpose is and how to use the gifts we were given. Some chapters of our stories involve a great deal of loss, trauma, pain or illness. While these chapters are immensely difficult, it is very important not to allow those experiences to give us a false sense of identity. Often it is in our struggle that we stumble across our strengths. While no two stories are the same, adults and children alike share the same human emotions of doubt, fear and unbelief. Humans were meant to be in connection with one another and we can connect more deeply through our experiences. Uniquely U was created to help you become the author of the remaining chapters of your story by filling in gaps that may be missing from your mental, physical or spiritual wellbeing in order to unlock your full potential. Various adults and trusted professionals will offer you encouragement here so that you can become the dominant force in your life instead of allowing life's circumstances to define you. Let's GOOOOOOOO!  


Meet the Uniquely U Community Leaders

pmw3mWPla9Mx16rC7p2tMW6sMEWCBJtO2UiAhiF5.pngMatthew Currin is the Creator and Founder of Convene Communities. His message to you is that "You have just joined one of the most important communities that we have on Convene Communities and I want to thank you for being here."

Matt is a medically retired U.S. Marine Corp veteran. He spent 14 years in the Marine Corps as a pilot. He led some of the initial missions in Afghanistan in 2001/2. He also planned and help execute the airfield seizure of Kandahar International Airport in 2001.

Matt's life forever changed in 2001 as he lost one of his closest friends in a preventable helicopter accident. On July 9th, 2001, one of Matt's closest friends, Sgt. Clark Beaty lost his life from a 10-second, avoidable, mistake. The information that could have saved him was never shared. I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to ensure necessary information could be shared to keep people alive. 

Today, Matt still operates as a pilot. He's also a dad, husband, entrepreneur, and has a Master's Degree in Counseling. Matt is always here to walk beside you, along with the other community leaders who are passionate parent and child advocates.

QDQqnzPq61M0jnuY3VFJGOv0QWIN2IAXFXQKG6bY.pngKate Gallihugh is pediatric physician assistant, Independent Certified OPTAVIA Coach, wife and mother of two adolescent boys. She has a passion for helping to create healthier families by providing parents and young people with tools and support to gain control over their emotions, mindset and lifestyle. In her medical practice, her main role is in adolescent and behavioral health and she takes more of a holistic approach to her care of patients.

Within Convene Communities, Kate is the leader of the Wellness Community, Uniquely U and Uniquely Yours.  After reclaiming her own health in 2018, Kate experienced firsthand the power of belonging to authentic communities where real life is discussed, stories are honored and victories are celebrated.  She began to notice in her own medical practice that the most breakthrough with patients came when she shared some vulnerable parts of her own life with them so that they felt understood.  While no two stories are the same, the human emotions that come with our challenges are very similar and there is so much that we can learn from one another.  Kate looks forward to learning from you here as well!

Uniquely U and Uniquely Yours have been created to offer everyone seeking a safe and uplifting community the opportunity to have a voice, share their stories and build connections with others who understand the unique challenges of parenthood and being a kid in these challenging times. Our goal is for this to be a space for creating health for oneself and finding who we were truly created to be.  

4wdEngXcMh3NgOQ6jJFm0d2rogGocz20ExsFhHxO.pngJeff Bateson is a life-long educator, working as a head collegiate soccer coach for 20 years, a youth soccer coach and director of coaching, and most recently a middle and high school teacher. His wife is a pediatric physical therapist and he is the proud father of two young ladies. He holds a degree in Elementary Education from Alma College as well as a Master's degree in Athletic Administration. Jeff has also been at Matthew's side helping grow Convene Communities since 2015. He is a part of Convene's Core team as the Director of Operations, as well as a Community Leader for the Soccer, Coaching, Teachers and Adventure communities. 

Having grown up in a family full of teachers and educators, Jeff has always had a desire to help others become the best versions of themselves. He used this inclination while coaching, making sure that his players not only become better players but also become better people in the long run. Jeff still has those same desires for his students today while teaching and coaching his high-schoolers.

Jeff wants to use this community to continue to helps others by connecting people in need to those who can help. He also sees this community as a great way for himself to learn from others. Learning from experts in the field will only allow Jeff to guide his students in a more positive way through life, his ultimate goal in teaching and coaching. 

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